Viking protects your rights

Protecting and promoting your constitutional rights:  The First Amendment devotes half of its text to guaranteeing “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  In other words: “lobbying.”

In 1793 the bureaucracy was small and each of the 105 U.S. Representatives [2] served roughly 30,000 constituents in a country with a total population—slave and free—of 3.9 million people.

Given those ratios, a lone citizen could persuasively advocate for change, know their congressman, and as late as the 1860s, obtain a meeting with the President by strolling through the front door of the White House.

Today, the federal bureaucracy has three times as many officials, employees, contractors, and proxy administrators than the U.S. had people in 1793!  Congress has four times as many Representatives (435 today vs. 105 then) and each represents 20 times as many people (711,000 today vs. 33,000 then).  A paramilitary force of 7,000 with a $3 billion budget exists to ensure you never meet your President.

The math is not in your favor!  Acting on your own, your First Amendment right to petition your government is made practically meaningless by the incredible ratios involved.  You need a professional plan.