Bipartisan relationships

Building relationships across political divides: Viking is founded on the premise that bipartisanship is not dead; but it is on life support.  Sustainable success in Washington occurs when differing ideologies work together.  Bipartisanship is much rarer than it should be.  It needs careful planning and professional advocacy to incubate cooperation.  Adam Nordstrom, Viking Principal, will guide you through the day-to-day political food fights to secure lasting and valuable change.

 Adam Nordstrom’s prior bipartisan efforts include service as the Washington representative for four governors from across the political spectrum.  He has secured 2,400 individual endorsements by Members of Congress in the form of “cosponsorships” for bills.  He led seven House bills and six senate bills to a majority support—218 Representatives and 51 Senators—and subsequent enactment of eleven of those initiatives created over $4 billion in value.